Time Wheel

Middle Grade fiction

with fantasy elements

This book is a good read for 5-8th grades, but adults love it too!

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Tommy Delo 11 ¾, vertically challenged, fatherless boy, and reluctant student who enters as a new sixth grader at Hope School. After a rocky start at his new school, luck shined upon him when he found a mysterious, powerful, and magical artifact that could send him back in time.

The connection to the prayer wheel grows stronger as he nears his twelfth birthday.

Join Tommy and his new friend, Jake, on  new and exciting adventures, and troubles adolescents face.

Tommy Delo

wishes he were a pirate.  He time travels to an old pirate ship! Click the pirate flag to learn about real pirates.  Arrgg

Pirate Flag

Tommy and Jake

research prayer wheels. click the star.

This image is a tesseract, which is a 4D cubic shape. Tommy learns about them at school. Learn more here.


Is time travel possible? Click on Einstein

to find the answer.